Zhiyun Smooth-Q3 Combo Gimbal

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The superb, standard-setting Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-Q3 is a compact folding 3-axis stabiliser for smartphones, designed with a built-in LED video light with three selectable brightness levels. It provides stabilised motion along the pan, tilt, and roll axes to let you capture smooth, professional-looking video with your phone. The Smooth-Q3 easily switches between portrait and landscape modes at the press of a button, allowing you to shoot both cinematic and social media videos while the LED light illuminates your subjects. The phone holder supports smartphones up to 3.5" wide, covering most phones.

The gimbal's capabilities are enhanced via a companion ZY Cami iOS/Android app, which allows you to set up creative movements such as Simplified Dolly Zoom. The app also offers functions such as Advanced Smart Tracking and one-tap live streaming. The gimbal has an ergonomic design with a nonslip handle, and it runs for up to 15 hours on the included battery and fully recharges in approximately three hours. A mini tripod is also included and can be used as a tripod or a handgrip extension to allow you to hold the gimbal with two hands for better control of it.

Built-In Video Light
The Smooth-Q3 features an integrated fill light with a touch button. It can be rotated 180° to light up your subject (or yourself when vlogging) from all angles. Three adjustable brightness levels allow you to set the right amount of light for different shooting scenarios.
SmartFollow 3.0
With just a single tap in the companion iOS/Android app, you can activate the SmartFollow feature to automatically follow a moving subject. (This feature may not work on some phones. Please refer to the phone compatibility list on the Zhiyun website for more info.)
Gesture Control
The gimbal can be set up to recognize a hand gesture, such as holding up five fingers, to begin shooting.
Instant Dolly Zoom
With just a few settings applied in the included app, the Smooth-Q3 can dolly and zoom towards your subject automatically as you walk forward, adding high-end production value to your shots.
Zoom Rocker
Easily zoom in and out using a zoom rocker positioned on the side of the gimbal.
MagicClone Pano
Clone yourself to show different sides of you. With MagicClone Pano, you can shoot multiple images and arrange them on the same screen.
Panorama options include landscape mode, portrait mode, front and rear camera, 180°, 240°, and 3x3, with gesture control supported.
SMART Editing
Enhance your videos with editing templates, background music, subtitles, stickers, special effects, reverse motion, and various filters via the mobile app.
Live Streaming
The mobile app allows you to live stream to various popular platforms, with select effects applicable during the stream.

ZY Prime
Included in the Smooth Q3 Combo package is limited free membership to ZY Prime. This service gives you the chance to further improve the footage and production value of your content. What''s included ?

Membership offers access to a wider array of templates, music, special effects and filters. And allows you to do this on the fly, editing right away. You can also edit online so that you can share your videos instantly to your social media platforms. These additional templates are set to elevate any content to the next level.
Another additional feature of the membership is the ability to turn your smartphone into a remote control with with ZY REMO. This allows you to switch between shooting modes and monitoring, and this is an incredibly valuable feature with the final membership only - AILIVE

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