Customer support

At imagex we believe our customer support is what sets us apart from any other photographic store you may have previously dealt with.

We support every product we sell and every service we offer.

You can call, email or message us with any pre-sales enquiry and we will do our best to find you the answer.  If you have a problem with any product or service we have supplied to you, please let us know.

1 Used Cameras
1.1 What is the warranty on used equipment available from imagex ?

Most used equipment sold by imagex carries at least a three-month warranty, many items may have six months or a year depending on condition and age - the warranty period should be shown on the listing details 

Some rare or collectible items may not be in working order, and sold for display only - these will not have any warranty, of course

2 Imagex Studio
2.1 How do I hire the imagex studio ?

It's easy - just call, email or message us ! On our website pages for the studio there is a link to the Google Calendar which will tell you when the studio is available - if there's a suitable date & time vacant for you, just get in touch to book it

2.2 Can I come and see the imagex Studio ?

Of course - please call Gill on 01869 368186 or email [email protected] to arrange an appointed visit, or just come into the store and we can take you upstairs to show you around if the Studio is not in use

2.3 What lighting do you have in the imagex Studio ?

We offer both Rotolight fixed LED lighting, various other fixed LED units and an array of flash lighting from Elinchrom, Broncolor and Interfit, all with triggers for most camera systems, softboxes, reflectors, diffusers and light modifiers

3 imagex Event Space
3.1 How many people can attend an event ?

We have seating for around 40 people in theatre-style layout, or standing up to 70

3.2 Is there catering on-site ?

We have a small kitchenette preparation area with all necessary equipment for refreshments and food preparation

3.3 Is there WiFi available ?

Yes, we have dedicated cable-speed WiFi throughout the space and also wired ethernet is available if required

3.4 Can the room be private ?

Yes, the main access door can be closed and curtained off, while stairwell can be closed off.  The security cameras can also be disconnected on request