VSGO Pro Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit

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VSGO 21 piece Camera Lens & APS-C Sensor Cleaning Kit
This is a fantastic 21 piece Camera, Lens & APS-C sensor cleaning kit, it has everything you need to keep your Camera, lens and sensor clean. It comes in a great little protective hard case.
The kit contains:
1 x Pack of lens tissue paper
Made from 100% wood pulp material, the tissues are soft and safe for lenses, microscopes, glasses and other delicate surfaces.
5 x Sealed lens cloths
Microfiber cleaning cloth is made from tightly woven material which is soft and light, perfect for delicate surfaces with no course edges or loose strings. Class 100 clean room made and vacuum packed.
4 x Anti bacteria screen cleaning wet wipes
High quality sterilized wipes for the prevention of bacteria contamination. Alcohol & ammonia free, bio-degradable
5x APS-C sensor swabs
High quality dry sensor swabs 16mm
1 x Carbon Lens Pen
1 x Mini Blower
1 x Lens cleaning fluid
1 x Sensor cleaning fluid
1 x Carry case
1 x instructions
And this whole kit is fully RoHS compliant, too !
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