Cullmann Revomax 535T RB7.3

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The Revomax tripods are most suitable for compact DSLR, CSC-cameras and camcorders and are ideal for the use in studious and outdoors.This tripod - like all tripods of the Cullmann Revomax series - impresses by the combination of unmistakable design and well proven Cullmann quality which allows a simple and clever use. By adapting to the different requirements of the modern photo cameras and camcorders it was developed with a special attention to the todays mobile generation.

The legs are characterized by a unique profile design with titanium coloured aluminium tubes. The profiles designed in a closed trapezoidal shape on the one hand provide the tripod with its unmistakable external appearance. One the other hand, the trapezoidal geometry ensures high stability. Photographers and videographers can be sure that their camera is held securely.The leg angle adjustment has been designed for everyday use. The ergonomically designed adjusting sleeve enables 2-fold adjustment with ground level macro position. Positively locking and robust tripod leg clips ensure reliable clamping of the tripod legs. The centre column clamping screw is another element that essential contributes to the unmistakable Revomax design.

In order to complete the functionalities the tripod is equipped with a divisible center column and it comes with a Cullmann Revomax RB7.3 ball head. This head is completely made of aluminium and thus guarantees optimal safety for the camera equipment. The ball heads is equipped with a separate horizontal clamping screw for allowing optimum panorama shots. In order to complete the advantages the head comes with the Cullmann quick release coupling unit including the camera plate RX475, which thanks to the standardized connection size is also compatible with all tripods of the Nanomax and Primax series.

This coupling system is equipped with an additional locking lever which prevents unintended opening of the quick release unit. The integrated spirit level allows a precise positioning of the camera in all photographic situations and the cork surface of the integrated camera plate protects the bottom of the camera from scratching.

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