Polaroid I-2

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The Polaroid I-2 is the most advanced instant film camera to date

It comes with built-in manual controls to offer its users full creative freedom - a first for the Polaroid as they have never released a fully manual camera for their integral film format 

The I-2 can be used in six different ways, including automatic and manual, as well as offering aperture priority, shutter priority, a self-timer and multiple exposure modes, allowing control over as much or as little of the camera settings as required.

In manual mode, users can set shutter speed, choose aperture, toggle flash on and off, and select focus using a highly accurate LiDAR ranging system. The user’s selected values – along with those of the built-in light meter for exposure – are displayed on both the external OLED display and can be seen through the viewfinder’s integrated display.

As well being focused manually, the I-2 has a sophisticated continuous autofocus system. It comes equipped with a 3-element lens made of optical grade polycarbonate and acrylic, and is the sharpest ever Polaroid lens ever achieved.

This camera features an internal battery that can be recharged with a USB-C cable and has a charged life long enough to shoot through around 15 packs of film. And speaking of film, this camera is also Polaroid’s most versatile ever - it's actually able to use all three kinds of Polaroid instant film currently available – i-Type, Type 600, and SX-70.

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