Marumi DHG UV 52-86mm

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  • High-grade UV filter with less than 0.5% low reflection rate
  • Japanese OMG EL41 Sharp cut UV glass* with scratch resistance
  • 98.3% high transmittance
  • Less than 0.5% low reflection rate
  • Lightweight and thin aluminum frame, Low profile & easy handling, non-rotating mount
  • Made in Japan

The Marumi DHG UV is a standard model UV control filter, well-suited when an exceptionally sharp cut UV is required

  • Certified Japan Quality Glass, OMG L-41 Sharp cut UV based on high-quality optical glass with high scratch resistance performance. *EL37 used for diameter over 86mm
  • High transmission approximately more than 98.3% (400-700nm average rate)
  • Ten layers of Anti-reflection coating sustain a reflection rate under 0.5% (420-680nm average)
  • Thin aluminum frame to avoid vignetting
  • Knurling embedded on the lightweight frame enables easy and smooth handling
  • "Made in Japan" optical precision and performance

What is the benefit of using a UV filter?
Why do many photographers leave UV filters on their lenses more-or-less permanently?

  • A UV(Haze) filter allows you to;
    - prevent or attenuate a specific range of ultraviolet lights that pass into a camera to restrain haze and glare
    - maintain image contrast and sharpness while reducing bluish color cast
    - protect your camera lens from physical damages and many nuisances

  • A UV filter protects your delicate and expensive camera lens from dust, fingerprint, scratches, or, more importantly, from physical shock and damages
  • It does, however, sound like the functions of another filter, Lens Protector, because a UV filter plays a role in lens protection and avoiding negative influences caused on images by Ultraviolet lights
  • UV (Ultraviolet) radiation affects image quality in the form of haze, which impairs contrast and sharpness in the image
  • UV filters are long pass filters that block & cut the UV wavelength range and transit the visual spectrum, the light we see in our eyes
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