Kodak Funsaver & Sport Single Use Cameras

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Kodak's range of excellent single-use cameras includes three models:

The Kodak FunSaver 27 + 12 is a single-use camera and ideal to take with you on your next outing or trip. The camera contains a 35mm ISO 800 film with 39 frames.  It has a fixed lens and a built-in flash for great photos in all conditions. The camera is very compact, measuring only 13 x 12 x 4 cm and weighs 140 grams.

The Kodak Sport Waterproof is the perfect single-use camera for holidays, as it works both above and below the waterline of the sea, swimming pools or simply in the bath !  Loaded with Kodak 800asa 27-exposure colour print film for great results on land or underwater

The Kodak HD PowerFlash 27 + 12 is the ultimate single-use camera for special events or special photos.  A more powerful flash than its fellow models, the lens is all glass for crisper results and the loaded film is a 39-exposure Kodak 400asa for richer colours and grain-free results in low light.

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