Kodak M35 Camera

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Both modern and retro, this camera is an easy to use camera to create authentic film-generated photographs.

Simply load the film, hit the shutter button and press the film lever, in comparison to disposable cameras the Kodak M35 is re-usable and therefore environmentally friendly.


Film Format 135/ 35mm 24 x 36mm ISO 200/ 400
Optics Lens 31mm, F=10, 1 Element
Focusing Focus Free, 1m ~ ∞.
Shutter Speed: 1/ 120s.
Film Transport Manual wind and remind.
View Finder Field = 70%
Power Source 1 AAA - Alkaline Battery (Film & Battery not included.)
Dimensions 114 x 63 x 35mm (WxHxD)
Weight 100 gram.
Main Material: ABS Plastic
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