Kodak Instant Print 3x3" Cart

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These cartridge replacements are compatible with Kodak Mini Shot Combo 3, Mini 3 Square retro printer, They use an Innovative dye diffusion transfer method layers colours evenly for incredible depth; superior gradation eliminates blur and distortion.

When combined with the printer camera systems the paper and ink combination utilise Kodaks 4Pass colour profile. It uses the 3 base colours of ink for a print, before applying a lamination layer on top, that offers protection from smudges and water, ensuring they can last up to 10 years. Not only that, the prints are solar resistant with the lamination process drying instantly for you to share within minutes

  • Kodak new ink ribbon paper
  • All-in-one cartridge
  • 30 photo cartridges for Kodak new mini shot combo c300/c300r ( 7.5x7.5cm)
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