Film Processing


We process all types and formats of film from all types of camera

If you're a film enthusiast, you can trust imagex with your valuable films for processing.  We offer a range of services including developing only, contact sheets, scanning in two qualities, and printing, of course.

To order your film processing by post, please purchase the required service here on-line, make a note of your order number and send this to us with your film and your return address

Processing times for 35mm & 120 rollfilm formats are:

Colour Negative & Ilford XP2 (C41 process) - 2-3 days

Black & White - 2-3 days

Colour Transparency (E6 process) - 5-7 days

Processing times for APS / 126 / 110 cartridge formats are currently 7-10 days

For processing times for other vintage formats (Disc Film, other rollfilm, older processes, please contact us for details


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