Hawke Smartphone Adapter

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The Hawke Digi-Scope Smartphone Adapter allows you to capture photos or videos with a Hawke Spotting Scope, Binoculars or Monocular. Simply connect your phone to the eyepiece and you are ready to go.
Key features 
• Size: 119-67-45mm
• Material: Plastic
• Eyepieces Outer Diameter: 23-50mm
• Phone Width Range: 66-95mm 
The Hawke Digi-Scope Smartphone Adapter is compatible with the following scopes:
• Endurance ED 25-75x85
• Endurance ED 20-60x68
• Endurance EC Compact 15-45x60
• Endurance EC Compact 13-39x50
• Nature-Trek 20-60x80
• Nature-Trek 16-48x65
• Nature-Trek 13-39x56
• Nature-Trek 9-27x56
• Vantage 24-72x70
• Vantage 20-60x60
• Endurance ED Monocular 10x42
• Endurance ED Monocular 8x42
• Endurance ED Monocular 10x25
• Endurance ED Monocular 8x25
• Nature-Trek Monocular 10x42
• Nature-Trek Monocular 8x42
• Nature-Trek Monocular 10x25
• Nature-Trek Monocular 8x25


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