Hahnel Canon HL-11L / NB-11L

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The Hahnel HL-11L Battery (Canon NB-11L) is an equivalent battery to the Canon NB-11L for Canon IXUS 125, 285, 180 and 175 Digital Cameras. Only the most modern battery technology is used in Hahnel lithium-ion batteries. They are environmentally-friendly, feature a very high energy density, and have no memory effect. A built-in microprocessor safeguards the cells by limiting maximum voltage and by protecting against deep discharge, short circuit and overload.

Key Features: Hahnel HL-11L Battery (Canon NB-11L)

  • 100% Plastic-free packaging
  • Lithium-Ion
  • High-Performance Quality Cells
  • Protection Circuit
  • Battery cover
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