Gridwall Shelf Angle Adjuster x 2

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The Store

Isn't Gridwall excellent ?

Here at imagex in Bicester, we use Gridwall on every wall inside our 2000sq.ft, 2-storey retail premises - over 30 panels between 6ft and 8ft high.

And most of them have Gridwall Shelves fitted.

But we quickly discovered that, no matter which supplier you use, Gridwall shelves all lean slightly forward or down - making displaying much of our stock almost impossible for many products.

So we found these - the 'core-ends' from the many rolls of paper we use in our professional printlab printers; made of high-impact, near-indestructible ABS nylon-based plastic, they fit neatly under the angled shelf supports, raising the shelf angle by exactly the right number of degrees to give a totally level shelf

Brilliant, eh ?

We are offering these in pairs as you need two for each shelf, and the base price we're asking for one pair covers the shipping charge for one set for you to try out and confirm they do the job.  If you then need multiple pairs, they get a lot cheaper in sets - if need more, please contact us and we'll sort out a bulk order for the number you need.

If you want to see these clever cores at work, please visit us in Bicester to check them out, and you can then take away as many as you need   FOR FREE   (no kidding, we have loads of them !)

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