Flic Film Elektra 100 135/36exp

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Flic Film Elektra 100 is actually Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460 colour negative aerial surveillance film re-spooled in 35mm cartridges by Flic Film of Canada.

Aerocolor has bright saturated colours with enhanced red sensitivity, wide exposure latitude and T-grain emulsion for enhanced sharpness.

Load this film in subdued light to avoid light piping and the fogging of the first few exposures.

Name: Flic Film Elektra 100 (Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460)
Vendor: Flic Film
Type: Color negative
Native ISO: 100
Format(s): 35mm
DX Coding: No DX coding
Spectral sensitivity: - 30nm longer red sensitivity
Normal Process: C-41

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