Delkin SD Card Memory Tote

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Custom designed to hold 8 SD memory cards, Delkin's Secure Digital Water Resistant Tote provides a glove-like fit and complete environmental protection for the most valued files

Manufactured to withstand the most extreme shooting environments, this rubberised & shock resistant case can endure anything from a solid surface drop to spillage in a backpack. In addition, the rugged outer case and insulated inner liner keeps cards protected and secure for a longer lifetime of use

Compact and lightweight, this tote is a great accessory to have on-hand, especially for photographers, videographers, gamers, musicians, and much more! Weather Resistant and Sealed to protect contents from spills, splashes, moisture, and corrosion

Ruggedised outer case and insulated inner liner keeps backup power and storage secure, regardless of where your next adventure takes you. Pocket sized for adrenaline junkies, photographers, travellers, thrill seekers, YouTubers, and videographers

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