Nikon is famous for its cameras and binoculars, but make a whole range of other products too. Nikon is one of the world's leading suppliers of products and solutions based on advanced opto-electronics and precision technologies.

1917 - The origin of Nikon, as Nippon Kogaku K.K. was established

1983 - Nikon L35AF autofocus compact camera is marketed. Nikon F3AF SLR Camera is marketed

1918 - Oi Dai-ichi Plant (now Oi Plant) completed, and optical glass production started

1984 - NT-1000 35mm film direct telephoto transmitter is marketed

1921 - MIKRON 4x and 6x ultra-small-prism binoculars are marketed

1986 - Nikon F-501 autofocus SLR camera is marketed

1925 - JOICO Microscope is marketed

1988 - Corporate name is changed to Nikon Corporation. LS-3500 35mm film scanner is marketed

1927 - Established the mass production of optical glass

1992 - Nikonos RS underwater AF SLR camera is marketed

1932 - NIKKOR is adopted as the brand name for camera lenses

1995 - E2 and E2s digital still cameras are marketed

1933 - Delivery of Aero-NIKKOR, a NIKKOR lens designed for aerial photography

1997 - COOLPIX 100 and 300 digital cameras are marketed

1946 - Pointal ophthalmic lens is marketed

1999 - D1 digital SLR camera is marketed

Nikon brand name is adopted for small-sized cameras

2004 - Nikon F6 SLR camera is marketed

1948 - Nikon Model I small-sized camera is marketed. Model I profile projector is marketed

2010 - D3S and D3X digital SLR cameras, and NIKKOR lenses are used in the International Space Station (ISS)

1954 - Model SM stereoscopic microscope is marketed

2011 - Nikon 1 J1 and V1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses are marketed

1957 - Nikon SP rangefinder camera is marketed

2012 - D4 digital SLR camera is marketed

1959 - SLR camera, the Nikon F is marketed

2015 - Compact Digital Camera COOLPIX P900 is marketed

1962 - Ultra Micro-NIKKOR high-resolution optical lenses are marketed

2016 - D5 digital SLR camera is marketed

1963 - NIKONOS all-weather camera is marketed

2017 - WX series binoculars are marketed. D850 digital SLR camera is marketed

1971 - Nikon Photomic FTN is mounted on Apollo 15. MND-2 extra-long-distance meter is marketed. Nikon F2 is marketed

2018 - FX-format mirrorless camera Z 7 is marketed

1980 - Nikon F3 SLR camera is marketed

2020 - D6 digital SLR camera is marketed. 10x25 stabilised binoculars are marketed