AP Compact Developing Tank

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The AP Large Developing tank comes with two automatic reels for easy film loading. The small tank comes with 1 reel. The reels can be set at width 35mm, 40mm and 60mm, so they can be used with all film sizes.

The large tank holds two 35mm films or one 120 Roll film. The small tank holds one 35mm film.

A small rod is included which allows you to rotate the film reels during development. The tanks are sealed with an O-Ring and close tightly. After the films are loaded into the tank, development can be done in daylight. The films can be left in the tank for washing (for that we recommend using a JOBO or Kaiser Cascade Washer).

The needed chemistry volume is higher compared to the similar sized JOBO 1520 tank.
Tank volume: 600ml (300ml for one 35mm film).

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