TEL:  01869 368183
TEL:  01869 368183

Scanning & Digital Archiving

Turn your stocks of negatives, prints and slides into digital images for long-term storage and hi-quality printing.


This service is called 'Digital Archiving' where precious memories within your stocks of images on film negatives, slides or photographic prints are scanned and turned into digital images which will never fade, change colour with age or get lost.  And our high scanning resolution means you can have your images turned into excellent quality prints, posters, wall-art, photo books, and used for other presentations like digital photo frames and viewing your images on a modern high-definition TV.

imagex are experts in volume scanning services for all types of analogue photographic media - prints, negatives or transparencies - in any film format

We utilise the latest in scanning and digitisation technology, allowing all your treasured memories to be transferred to digital format and returned on DVD media or USB Memory.


Traditional analogue images slowly degrade over time, and the only way to ensure their safety is to get them digitised to be secure for future generations to enjoy.  Photos that are damaged, ripped, fading, or missing parts can all can be digitally repaired by imagex's excellent Image Restoration service.

          Photographs             Negatives              Slides         
  Scan 50 £25   Scan 50 £39   Scan 50 £39
  Scan 200 £60   Scan 100 £69   Scan 100 £69
  Scan 1000 £160   Scan 200 £109   Scan 200 £109
        Scan 500 £199   Scan 500 £199

All image scanning services include :

  • 600DPI quality scanning for Photos and 4000dpi for Negatives and Slides
  • A free high resolution digital copy of all your items returned on DVD /CD or USB

We are the UPS Access Point for Bicester !

We are very pleased to announce that imagex has qualified as a Covid Safe Retailer, ready for our reopening on 12th April !

We sponsor

the Bicester Camera Club


Meetings are held at

Upper Heyford Village Hall

see the Club website

or Facebook Page

for details


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