Sigma EX 105mm f2.8 DG Macro Lens for Sony A Mount

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The excellent Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro is a high performance, large aperture medium telephoto macro lens with OS (Optical Stabilisation), and SLD glass to provide control of aberration, and Sigma's renowned floating inner focus system to ensure high rendering throughout the focusing range.  The HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) ensures a quiet and high speed AF as well as full-time manual focus override. This lens has a rounded 9 blades diaphragm which creates an attractive blur to the out of focus areas.

Large aperture medium telephoto macro lens
This medium telephoto macro lens allows you to maintain an appropriate distance from subjects while still getting close up photos. Since the working distance at its closest focusing position is 142mm, shadows of the lens and camera will not affect photography making it suitable for taking photos of subjects, such as flowers, under natural lighting conditions. In comparison to the Sigma 50mm and 70mm macro lenses, the main subjects can be defined with perfectly smooth and blurred backgrounds.

Floating inner focusing
This lens incorporates floating inner focusing which moves two lens groups separately. This minimises aberrations which occur as shooting distance changes, and enables stable rendering of the image from infinity to 1:1 magnification. This also corrects image distortion, especially when taking close-up pictures. Since focusing does not change its overall length, this lens is easy to hold and use.

High rendering performance
The lens power layout produces excellent optical performance. High refractive index SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass corrects chromatic aberration, spherical aberration and field curvature. It ensures high rendering performance at all shooting distances. The Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting, maintaining quality images with high contrast.

Quiet and speedy AF
Sigma's HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) provides quiet and high speed AF. It is also possible to use full-time manual focus, even if the lens is set to autofocus.

Handheld photography with ease
Incorporation of the OS function offers superior stabilizaion As the stabilisation effect is visible through the viewfinder, it aids composition and accurate focusing.

Rounded 9 blades diaphragm
This lens has a rounded 9 blade diaphragm which creates an attractive blur to the out of focus areas. This also creates smooth, rounded out of focus highlights when taking photos which have a strong light source in the background such as lights shining on the surface of water.

  • Lens Construction - 16 elements in 11 groups
  • Angle of View - 23.3°
  • Number of Diaphragm Blades - 9 Blades (Rounded diaphragm)
  • Minimum Aperture - F22
  • Minimum Focusing Distance - 31.2cm / 12.3in
  • Maximum Magnification Ratio - 1:1
  • Filter size - 62mm
  • Dimensions (Diameter × Length) - ⌀78.3mm × 126.4mm / ⌀3.1in. × 5.0in
  • Weight - 725g / 25.6oz
  • Supplied Accessories - Lens case, Lens Hood (LH680-03), Hood Adapter (HA680-01)


This is a renowned Sigma EX 105mm f2.8 Macro Telephoto Lens with OS Optical Stabilisation, with Sony A Bayonet Mount, in very good condition and full working order, complete with original case & lens hood



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