Rolleiflex 3.5T (KBT1) 120 Twin Lens Reflex, Grey, with accessories

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The venerable and totally classic Rolleiflex T camera is a series of medium format twin lens reflex film cameras, manufactured by Franke & Heidecke in Braunschweig, Germany, and produced between 1958-76.

Interestingly, contrary to the widely held belief, the "T" designation does NOT come from the famous Tessar lenses fitted to these cameras, but simply from the first name of its creator: Théodore Uhl.

The Rolleiflex T was originally intended to fit between Rollei's budget Rolleicord models and their high-end, professional Rolleiflex F models, but the performance and results quality was so close to the F Series that the T Series quickly became Rollei's best-selling TLR cameras.

T-Series features include:
• interchangeable Waist level viewfinder
• Provision for built-in dual-range lightmeter
• Film transportation: winding lever, film marker in film chamber, exposure counter for exposures 1-12. Blank film pressure plate
• Taking lens: Carl Zeiss Oberkochen Tessar 3.5/75mm
• Finder lens: Carl Zeiss Heidosmat 2.8/75mm
• Both lenses have Bayonet 1 filter

Film: 120 roll for 12 exp. 6x6cm, 15exp 6x4.5cm, and also 35mm with optional Rolleikin adapter

Shutter: Synchro-Compur MXV, 1-1/500 +B, M and X-sync, self timer

This Model KBT1 of the Rolleiflex T 3.5 was produced between 1958-61 with either standard Black or the rarer Grey leather body covering


This is a German-made Rolleiflex T 3.5 (model KBT1) twin lens reflex camera for 120 roll film with grey covering, in near-pristine condition, mechanically working fine and optically clean, complete with original leather strap & lens cap, 6x4.5cm film inserts, Rollei Bayonet colour filters, RolleiLux light meter, RolleiFlash flashgun with reflector and holdall case

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