Canvas Prints

Printed and finished right here in-house, good quality canvas prints require some hours to dry properly before they can be mounted or framed, so are usually produced for next-day collection, although some smaller sizes can be ready same-day if ordered early enough.

imagex offers two types of finished canvas print - Premium & Basic

PREMIUM canvases are printed and stretched by hand onto the finest quality Lion-brand solid wood bars for that superb quality appearance

BASIC canvases are produced using Adventa's QuickPro system, using the same quality canvas media, inks and print process, but are mounted onto a reinforced box-style framework.  On the wall, QuickPro looks identical to a quality printed canvas, but is much lighter and around 30% lower cost - an ideal solution if you're on a budget or producing a gallery with lots of different prints.

EXAMPLES OF PRICES (NB we can produce Premium canvas up to 42" in size, please ask for prices):


Size (ins)

Size (cms)





8x8" 20.3x20.3cm   £15   £21
12x8" 30.5x20.3cm (A4-ish)   £16   £26
12x12" 30.5x30.5cm   £18   £28
16x12" 40.6x30.5cm (A3-ish)   £20   £35
16x16" 40.6x40.6cm   £24   £38
20x16" 50.8x40.6cm (A2-ish)   £30   £49
24x20" 61x50.8cm   £34   £51
30x20" 76.2x50.8cm (A1-ish)   £38   £55





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