28 Sheep Street Bicester, Oxfordshire OX26 6LG Tel 01869 368183 Fax 08717 177265 Mon-Sat 9am-ish to 5.30pm or thereabouts Sunday Usually closed, but you can always ask ...
28 Sheep StreetBicester,   Oxfordshire  OX26 6LGTel  01869 368183        Fax  08717 177265Mon-Sat    9am-ish to 5.30pm or thereaboutsSunday     Usually closed, but you can always ask ...

Sensor Cleaning


Over time, all digital cameras with interchangeable lenses will attract dirt and dust into the sensor chamber, particularly if lenses are changed in the open.



When dust has gathered on the sensor, the usual sign is as dark ‘spots’ or small grey areas on photos, particularly noticeable when photographing plain backgrounds such as sky or against a white/grey background. Having the sensor cleaned on a regular basis helps maintain the cameras performance and achieve the best possible results from your equipment.

We offer while-you-wait (usually around an hour) sensor cleaning services, but we always appreciate some advance notice that you're coming to see us ...


PRICES (inc.vat)

Cropped Frame / APS-C and Micro 4/3 Sensors

While-you-wait Service (usually around one hour) - £40 


Full Frame / Large Format Sensors

While-you wait Service (usually around one hour) - £50


Please ensure you bring in your camera with a fully charged battery or mains adapter, as most cameras require around 80% charge to complete the cleaning process.

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