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Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is a great way to bring your photos to life in an unique and interesting way. By getting a photo printed onto canvas, you can give it a new lease of life whilst displaying a cherished memory to the rest of the world. With a range of sizes available, there is a canvas print which is right for any image. Christmas, easter, birthdays, anniversaries or other special events to remember, canvas is the perfect medium to get a cherished family photo as a gift for your special loved ones.


Hang your photographs like a piece of art by asking us to professionally print your images on canvas. Our canvases come in a range of sizes to suit any sort of image. With our standard sizes ranging from 8x8″ / 20x20cm up to 30x30″ / 76x76cm, with all the shape ratios in-between, and even bigger sizs available to order, canvas printing is a great and unique way to display your photographs with a new and cool style from the traditional photo frame.


We can also produce collage style canvas prints with multiple images on each one - please ask us about this service


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Canvas size               Price
8x8" / 20x20cm   £ 14.95
10x8" / 26x20cm   £ 19.95
10x10" / 26x26cm   £ 22.95
12x8" / 30x20cm   £ 24.95
12x10" / 30x26cm   £ 26.95
12x12" / 30x30cm   £ 29.95
14x14" / 36x36cm   £ 34.95
16x12" / 40x30cm   £ 34.95
16x16" / 40x40cm   £ 39.95
18x12" / 46x30cm   £ 39.95
18x18" / 46x46cm   £ 44.95
20x16" / 50x40cm   £ 44.95
20x20" / 50x50cm   £ 49.95
24x16" / 60x40cm   £ 49.95
24x24" / 60x60cm   £ 59.95
30x24" / 76x60cm   £ 64.95
30x30" / 76x76cm   £ 69.95
40x30" / 102x76cm   £ 89.95
60x40" / 152x102cm   £129.95
Other frame sizes, shapes and multi-panel orders available on request
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We sponsor

the Bicester Camera Club


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Mon 18th March 2019

Kingsmere Community Centre, Whitelands Way, OX26 1EG

A Presentation on Framing and Displaying your Prints

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