Olympus OM-10 35mm Film SLR Camera with 50mm f1.8

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In 1972, Olympus released the first camera of the OM SLR series, the OM-1, which was followed by the OM-2, OM-3 and OM-4. In 1979, they released the first of their more consumer-targeted series, the Olympus OM-10 which was seen as a less ‘professional’ camera. Not that this mattered because the OM-10, not to beat around the bush, is an absolute babe.

With a super accurate built-in light meter and a god-like aperture priority mode, the only camera that’s easier to shoot than the OM-10 might be a Trip 35. This represents a step beyond that, for those looking for a little more control over their image, including the option to add a handy little doo-da-adapter for manual control over shutter speed, should one be so inclined. The viewfinder is a football pitch too and this particular specimen is bright, clean and clear as a whistle, making composition a joy. It also comes with a very comfy Olympus brand eyepiece and lens cap too, which is nice. 

Could it do with a fresh set of light seals? Maybe. Is there the tiniest bit of dust in the lens? Perhaps. Will it shoot just great as is? For sure.


  • SLR camera automatic exposure control electronic shutter type 35mm focal-plane
  • Size: 136 x 83 x 50 mm
  • Screen size: 24 x 36 mm
  • Weight: 430g (15.17 oz)
  • Sensitivity range: ISO25-ISO1600
  • Mount: Olympus OM mount
  • Winding film: lever
  • Rewind film formula: crank
  • Shutter: Electronically controlled focal-plane
  • Shutter speed: B, 1-1/1000 seconds


This is an Olympus OM-10 with an Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 lens, tested/working in fantastic mechanical, and optical condition, with official Olympus eyepiece and lens cap

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