Nikon D40 w/ 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 G II ED

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The Nikon D40 was the D50’s replacement in 2006 but if you're looking for a great camera to take great photos, especially of moving kids or sports or indoor plays and concerts etc, this is still where it’s at compared to any fixed-lens camera, that is. It’s also just too much fun; seemingly weightless, fast and super easy to use, this D40 includes an 18-55mm f/3.5 lens - a brilliant camera for people and family photography and a dream to carry around all day. 

For bang for your buck, it gets great results hand-held at slow speeds, predominantly due to very little shutter and mirror vibration, producing fantastic snaps time and time again. While we’re here, it would be a sin to not pay homage to the D40’s big, bright, sharp, contrasty and almost three-dimensional LCD screen as well. It honestly makes playback a joy. A joy!

If we were to label the D40 as a little bit of a jewel of a midrange zoom, we wouldn’t be wrong and we haven’t even got to the good bit yet. Want to hazard a guess at the shutter count on this one? A sixteen year old camera? Go on, I dare you. You’re wrong. It’s 187. 187 shots taken during its whole lifetime. 

This isn’t just a camera. No. This - ladies, gentlemen & photographers - is a UNICORN.



  • Sensor: 6MP
  • ISO: 200 - 3,200
  • Shutter Speeds: 1/4,000 - 30s and Bulb
  • File Formats: JPG and NEF
  • Storage: SD
  • Power: EN-EL9 battery
  • Dimensions: 94 × 126 x 64mm
  • Weight: 524.1g

This is a Nikon D40 with an 18-55mm lens in absolutely fantastic cosmetic, mechanical and optical condition, with an incredibly low shutter count of just 187 frames fired (plus a few during our tests), complete with battery, charger, manual, lens cap, hood and strap

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