Kodak Framed Box Display of Nine Classic Models

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The amazing array of classic Kodak cameras produced during the 1950s & 60s are definitely creations of great beauty, amazing ingenuity and sheer brilliant design !

This handmade deep box frame measures 44x44x14cm, is enclosed by a panel on the rear and a clear perspex sheet on the front , held in place by easily removed screws. Each of its nine compartments contains a different Kodak point & shoot Brownie / Instamatic-style model from the 1950s & 60s - if you can name them all - and there's a couple of pretty rare ones in here - then this frame is definitely for you.

If you go to Kodak List , you'll see a comprehensive list of almost all the 500+ different models of Kodak cameras produced over the last 120 years - see if you can spot all of these nine !

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