Kodak Ektalite 500 35mm Slide Projector, with Case & Accessories

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Back in the early 2000s, when demand for slide projectors was definitely in decline with the advance of Digital imaging, Kodak launched their last-ever Kodak Carousel models - the high-end Ektalite 2000, and the more reasonably priced KODAK EKTALITE 500 Slide Projector

Despite its relatively low price for a professionally built Kodak Carousel projector, it certainly allowed single-projector presentations of professional quality.

  • Sturdy mechanical system and simplicity of use
  • Switchable autofocus and a built-in timer
  • Ideal for mobile or stationary use in all fields of active learning: in schools, universities, and seminar and conference rooms
  • Automatic shutter (no-slide-no-light) which operates when the tray compartment is empty and does not allow any dazzling projection light on the screen
  • Switchable autofocus for projection of glassless framed slides
  • Built-in timer for use with self running slide shows such as those at trade fairs and museums
  • The Extra Bright Lamp Module achieves a 30% higher light output than previous Kodak Ektalite models
  • KODAK EC Stack Loader gives you the advantage of quick projection of your slides without the need to arrange them beforehand in the tray - a stack of thin glassless slides can be loaded directly into the stack loader.
  • Quick tray release for removal of the slide tray in any position
  • Cable remote control

This used Kodak Ektalite 500 slide projector includes a superb quality Kodak FF 75-120mm f3.5 Zoom Lens, remote control, power lead, Ektapro slide magazine, manual and heavy-duty carry case

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