Thornton Pickard - Junior Special Ruby Reflex, Quarter Plate SLR

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The Thornton Pickard Junior Special Reflex camera is a folding SLR for 3¼ × 4¼" plates or rollfilm backs. Manufactured by Thornton Pickard in the early 1920s, this particular camera is in surprisingly good mechanical condition with a remarkably clear lens, working shutter mechanism, and a fully functioning bellows focus system - viewable via the top-down hood viewfinder.

While the exposure setting dial and curtain could do with some TLC, there is every chance it could have a new lease of life in the right pair of hands. Failing that, it is a wonderful collectors piece and in need of a good home...

Includes soft case.



  • Folding SLR for 3¼ × 4¼" plates or rollfilm back
  • Fast focal plane shutter with speeds from 1/10 to 1/1000 sec
  • Fast 6" f4.5 lens
  • Lens may be a Ross Xpress or a Taylor-Hobson Cooke Anastigmat
  • Made of wood, covered with leather
  • Revolving back
  • Weight: approx 3 kg

This is a Vintage Junior Special Ruby Reflex, manufactured by Thornton Pickard circa. 1924 in surprisingly good mechanical and optical condition considering its age.

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