Godox X Pro F Controller / Trigger for FujiFilm

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Model: XProF , Compatible cameras: Fuji series cameras, support for cameras with PC sync socket

Power supply : 2xAA batteries , TTL autoflash, Manual flash, Stroboscopic flash, High-speed sync

Second-curtain sync, Flash exposure compensation 士3 stops in 1/3 stop increments, Flash exposure lock and Focus assist

Modeling lamp: Control the modelling lamp by the flash trigger, Beeper Controlled by the flash trigger

Wireless setting: The receiver end can control the camera shooting through the 2.5mm sync cord jack

ZOOM setting: Adjust the ZOOM value by the transmitter

TCM function : Transform the TTL shooting value into the output value in the M node

Firmware upgrade : Upgrade through the Type-C USB port

Memory function: Settings will be stored 2 seconds after last operation and recover after a restart

Transmission range (approx.) : 0-100m , Built-in wireless: 24G , Modulation mode: MSK , Channel : 32 , Wireless ID: 01-99 , Group: 16

Display: Large LCD panel, backlighting ON or OFF , Dimension/Weight : 90x58x50mm/80g

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