Fuji STX-2 w/ 50mm X-Fujinon F/1.9 FM lens

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The Fuji STX-2 is an ideal beginner’s camera and a fantastic entry into the world of 35mm film photography. It’s a true semi-auto camera, with a depth of field preview, a split image telemeter, a big needle showing the pre selected shutter speed in the viewfinder, and a mechanical timer for … selfies, all features that the prototypical learners’ camera, the Pentax K1000, is missing (sorry K1000). Its metering system is based on a silicon cell, which controls a set of 3 LEDs at the right of the viewfinder. TTL (Through The Lens) metering not only works with the Fujica’s X-Fujinon lenses, but also, thanks to an adapter, with almost any m42 screw mount lens (stopped down). Think of the possibilities!

This particular specimen is in borderline mint condition, mechanically excellent and optically clean. It comes with a remarkably sharp f/1.9 50mm lens, as well as a strap and case, and needs only a new set of hands and some film for a fresh lease of life …


  • Batteries: 2X LR44 or SR44
  • Shutter Speeds: B-1000
  • ASA Range: 25-3200
  • Weight: 510g
  • Mount: Fuji X Mount
  • Metering: 3 LED TTL


This is a Fuji STX-2 with 50mm X-Fujinon F/1.9 FM lens from the 1990s, in near mint condition. Comes with generic lens cap, strap and leather Fuji case

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