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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

Image Experts Partners t/a imagex has ceased trading

 - if you were a supplier to the previous business known as imagex, and you did not receive payment for stock sold to them on credit invoice, and some or all of this stock may still be in the store


Please click HERE for contact details to request the return of your stock or property, and arrange collection, or for serving of any legal claims for the return of your stock or property should this be required



If you have unpaid invoices or outstanding debts

with Image Experts Partners t/a imagex, please click here




A message from Robert Peckham, former Partner of Image Experts Partners t/a imagex



The photographic retail business I founded in 2013 called imagex has ceased trading.


I departed the business in March 2017 following repeated disagreements with my two ex-Jessops partners over proposals for the future growth and development of the business, and our Partnership Agreement didn’t allow for any other solution to our internal disputes.


The business I left behind at my departure two years ago was successful, profitable, without any debts or borrowings, and all the original investors who had helped us to get started had been fully repaid.



Since the closure of imagex in March 2019, I have been seeking to secure a new lease on the premises from the landlords and re-open a new version of the business, with a new team, new funding, a new-look store and many great plans.



However, I am now very sorry to report that despite my best efforts, the landlords have not agreed to any of my proposals to allow my return to their business premises and launch this new venture in this location



The good news is :   I am now working on plans to launch the new imagex in a significant new location - more information about this to follow soon


The bad news is :   I am now not able to assist suppliers to the previous imagex with securing the return of any unpaid stock that they were hoping to retrieve from the premises


CUSTOMERS OF THE PREVIOUS IMAGEX - please see the information on the home page for details of where you can retrieve and collect your personal items that were left inside the store at the closure



The following information is offered to assist suppliers with contacting the owners of the premises for imagex :

I will update this website with more information about the new imagex as this becomes available

Letter from Robert Peckham, former Partner of imagex
Please download a copy of this letter should you require it
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