Canon Canonet Mk 3

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The Canon Canonet (aka the Bell & Howell Canonet 1.9 in the USA & Canada) was a groundbreaking camera when it arrived in 1961, delivering a top spec rangefinder from a high-end manufacturer for only modest prices. It was an instant success, the initial production run sold out in 2 days after release and the camera went on to sell over a million units.

It’s exceedingly well styled - including a unique bottom mounted film advance lever, solid build, rangefinder focus and coupled automatic exposure with killer optics.

This specimen is something of a beauty, in good mechanical condition and with a relatively clear viewfinder, considering its age. It also includes the original Canon lens cap and leather full case. 


  • Lens: Canon 45mm 1:1.9
  • Focus:  Coupled Rangefinder
  • Metering:  Coupled Selenium
  • Aperture : f/2.8-16
  • Shutter: 1-1/500 sec  + B
  • EV (100) :  2-17
  • ASA range : 10-400 *
  • Filter-Thread:  55mm


This is an original, classic first version of the Canon Canonet from the early 1960s, in good cosmetic, mechanical & optical condition, with a relatively clear viewfinder and original leather case

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